Shadowboxing is the most basic exercise of the Boxers. This is where a workout begins and usually ends. It is primarily boxing exercise but its multiple benefits can be enjoyed by all martial arts athletes who include upright fighting outside of wrestling.
Its practice involves fighting an imaginary opponent and applying all the defenses or offensive techniques and tactics that every boxer knows. Thus, projecting in his mind the real conditions of the race, he becomes very familiar with them. At the same time he increases his mental concentration, which is perhaps one of the greatest weapons of boxers that can prove to be a great weakness to anyone who has not conquered it. Athletes who know their next opponent must imagine his boxing style and work on the techniques that will neutralize it or even imagine the opponent's facial features resulting in peak emotions and give great realism to the exercise.
There are many examples of athletes who when training in the boxing bag e.g. they show great class, but in the ring they are far below expectations. This, except for the cases of athletes who simply lag far behind significantly (courage, combativeness, etc.), is due to the lack of approach to the sport. The multidimensional nature of the sport requires those involved in it not to be one-dimensional. In order for the athlete to perform at 100% of his potential in a race, he must train at 120% physically and mentally. This is how shadow fighting should be applied. The boxer must simulate all these feelings and thoughts he has in a fight.This gives him the luxury of working on techniques on a mentally constructed opponent, without having the "cost" of hitting a real one, working on techniques that in realistic conditions would be very difficult for him to apply, offering him valuable familiarity.
Coaches can use the shadow training exercise to pass various technical elements to their athletes. This is achieved when they place restrictions on the execution or adjustments of the exercise itself to achieve the goal. For example use only straights from boxers short or long distance, shadowboxing with an opponent from long range etc.
A big mistake many students make (especially in other martial arts) is that they confuse exercise in front of a mirror with shading. In the mirror we learn to see ourselves and to correct the technical errors we have but if we apply the shadow fight in front of it we remove all the spiritual part of the education it offers.
Finally, it should be noted that even within the same training session, not every shadow fight can have the same intensity. The first shadows of the training must be performed with full intensity and combat, while at the end of the training the shadow fight helps a lot to be applied with great physical relaxation but with all the concentration that the boxer has, applying the new techniques he learned during the day.

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Athens, Peristeri, Egaleo, Chaidari, kolonos, petroupoli, kipoupoli, anthoupoli, ilion, chaidari, nea chalkidona, agioi anargyroi, boxing, greece

Athens, Peristeri, Egaleo, Chaidari, kolonos, petroupoli, kipoupoli, boxing, anthoupoli, ilion, chaidari, nea chalkidona, agioi anargyroi, greece