Fight Academy was founded in 2005 in Peristeri by Vassilis Oikonomou. The goal was to create a welcoming space for anyone who wants to experience combat sports and martial arts. So in a high standard space, you can learn Boxing, Kick Boxing & Women's Self Defence, Children's Boxing & Kick Boxing. You can become a member of our team and train, regardless of your age, gender and physical condition.

Head Coach of Fight Academy

He is graduate coach, Holder of the first star of the world federation ΑΙΒΑ and since 2014 he also coaches the boxing team of the Hellenic Navy.

At the beginning of 2005 he founded the Fight Academy, a school aimed at anyone who simply loves combat sports, where you can fight well with a guide and still teaches today.

The athletes of Fight Academy

The athletes of the school are either professional athletes of great competitive demands where they participate in national championships and big events or just students with proper sports education and love for martial arts and martial arts.

 Kick Boxing & Self Defense only for women

A section made on the needs of the modern Greek woman who has the need to feel good about herself, filling self-confidence, eliminating overexertion but also exercising her body.  Kick Boxing & Womens' Self Defense.

Children's Boxing & Kick Boxing

This section goes beyond the traditional data of a children's martial arts department. In addition to the art that children are taught with the benefits they receive such as self-confidence, discipline, concentration, self-defense, principles etc. are trained with instruments and methods that develop their psychomotor skills resulting in rapid and steady psychosomatic maturation. Also, educational excursions are organized such as climbing, rafting but also charitable excursions with many messages and life lessons for young athletes. Children's Boxing & Kick Boxing.

Martial Arts for everyone in Peristeri

Fight Academy is a training ground for everyone.

  • Fighting Team - Athletes who dream of reaching a high level of competition.
  • Amateurs - People who are just attracted to martial arts and want to get involved and learn in depth.
  • Women – Who want to exercise away from prying eyes and boost their self-confidence.
  • Children – Parents who want their children through the martial arts path to become better people by gaining courage and discipline.

The only prerequisites are health and a willingness to train. Poor fitness, extra pounds or lack of prior experience in martial arts should not be deterrents to try because we will work them together.

Self-defense through Martial Arts in Peristeri

The best martial arts for self-defense is one that everyone can learn and support individually. So, at Fight Academy you will find the martial art that suits you which is realistic, not static and based on complex hypothetical scenarios that in no way reflect reality.

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