Plenty of articles have been written to enumerate the benefits of boxing training and articles that compare it with other combat sports. But never any of these managed to get me covered. They always scratched the surface only and this is no proper way to describe a sport which is a real art, which means more than eyes can see and which has a certain, undeniable quality to it. Is it really the top combat sport?


  • The diverse training of boxers

A boxer is supposed to develop a great number of skills and talents. That is why his training routine is greatly diverse. This means that a good sportsman has to train for other traditional sports but take this to a higher level. Running long distanced, doing sprints and challenging, uneven tracks in the mountains. Weight lifting using big weights but also doing explosive exercise training of smaller weights. Indoors gymnastics with high bar, parallel bars and wall bars. Swimming, sports such as football, basketball, handball, etc. They also have to do complete training –the Cross Fit type, even before this was fashionable it was a can’t –do-without training routine of a boxer.

All this is part of a general body training, that is that part of training that does not even contain boxing.


  • Boxing training

This part encompasses the special training that is done with heavy bags, target punch, speed punching bags and also fighting against another boxer. The skills that are being developed are coordination of the body and its position within the space and of time (proprioception and kinaesthetic skills) reflexes, balance and rythm. Also, the conception of the trainee, his composure together with his ability to act strategically are concepts that are being learnt on a daily basis. Ηe is supposed to make use of this during the most adverse conditions. When his shoulders burn, his legs are heavier than stones, his heartbeat goes beyond 200 and his rival’s pressure is ready to burst. Keeping his calm and using all these skills in such conditions is a goal on its own when it comes to training and a one-of-a-kind challenge for every boxer even if he practices this sport at an amateur’s level.


  • His mirror is the RING

Inside the ring the boxer is on his own. For most people this feeling of deafening loneliness is a first time feeling. His only support a few voices he hears at the back of his mind and his 100% focus on his rival in a live or die confrontation. At this point he has to face this huge challenge and handle, without any external help, all these mind blowing feelings that it brings. In other words, what he has to face that moment is his own self in the shape of feelings and emotions. No, not all boxers experience the same, only similar and it is not in the same way that they deal with this. The ring is, therefore, a stage where our real soul is being revealed. The conscience, the ability to fight, the degree of responsibility but also the right guiding of the trainer are up to the boxer who wants to get better and better. Of course, the truth is that from the very first attempts in the boxing ring of the school things become clear and one can realize who are those who really try and do their best in this difficult and highly demanding, not just for the body but also for the mind, process and who are those who will give up not being able to stand the sight of their own self.


  • Life lessons by means of boxing

As he gets into the ring, in his attempt to defeat his rival, the boxer must stand tall, to get the punches bravely and to hit back harder without trying to avoid the fight of to go just half way. These are the details that make a boxer go beyond his limits, grind himself in training and all kind of preparations. A boxer who grows is, at the same time, a man who will not hide behind his

finger. His path will be closely linked to the way he handles the advantages and the disadvantages he has and he is totally responsible for his win or his loss. In other words it is a sketch of his life during the few years as an athlete with lots of messages to get and lessons to learn.


  • What is boxing after all?

Boxing, as I have written before, is “a way of life, a way of expressing one’s true self, is combative thought and a way of surpassing one’s limits. It is a daily fight against a rival, but the greatest rival is yourself and your feelings. It is a win and a loss, it is tension and leisure, it is speed but also slowing down, dynamic attack and strategic withdrawal. Boxing means rhythm, music and dancing in the ears of powerful people fighting to win themselves first, their human shortcomings with the goal of becoming better fighters and it resulting in their becoming better people!”.


  • Boxing is the king of combat sports!

The complexity that characterizes this sport is rare and few sports can compare to it. It is characterized by the balance between the separate parts that constitute it. A boxer must train in such a way so as not to lose grip of whatever he deals with. At the same time with training his body he also trains his spirit, which will prove useful later in life.

Boxing is not for everybody. Only a few can understand its real depth and the quality of it. And even fewer will be able to put up with it. Not because of physical challenges but mostly because of its difficult spiritual nature. Boxing schools have their doors open for everybody regardless of gender, age or particular body features.

The only thing that somebody, crossing the threshold of a boxing school, must do is ask himself “Am I ready to face my own self?”